Pipe Profile

1- Industrial Pipes

Industrial pipes are frequently used in industries of various sectors as extremely durable products. The most used areas are ventilation and air conditioning units. Industrial pipes preferred by many sectors in the field of industry vary according to different usage purposes and the product used. Industrial pipe is used in many different areas such as the energy sector, industrial sites, ship gas supply operations, shipbuilding or chemical transportation.

What is Industrial Pipe?

With its general definition, a pipe is a material in the form of a hollow cylinder and used in the construction of installations. It is made and used from materials such as steel, iron, plastic, metal according to the need and area of use. Likewise, it may differ according to the type of material, area of use and quality.

Industrial Pipe Usage Areas

Industrial pipes, which find use in many sectors, are especially used in construction and new buildings. Apart from this, it also finds use in areas such as ship transportation, road transportation, chemical transportation. Depending on the type and structure of the liquid that will remain in or pass through, the type and internal structure of the industrial pipe also changes. Lavi Metal, one of the leading companies in its field, produces and supplies the industrial pipe needs for different usage areas in various sectors with its long years of experience and expertise.

Industrial pipes are frequently preferred and used in the following areas; It is used as a load-bearing building material in areas and units such as different industrial facilities, automotive industry, furniture industry, household appliances industry, textile material production facilities and textile production centers.

2- Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes are a method of coating pipes with zinc to prevent calcification or rusting. Galvanizing is done by hot dipping steel pipes and the pipes are coated with zinc. In this way, rust and calcification in pipes are prevented. In addition, with this method, the pipes are guaranteed to be used for a long time. Galvanized pipes, which are the most common products in the world and preferred due to their durability, are produced and sold.


What is Galvanized Pipe?

Galvanized pipes are products obtained by coating the steel, which is one of the galvanized types, with zinc by hot-dip method. However, the properties of the steel to be galvanized must first be examined. If the steel is rich in phosphorus and silicon, it can be galvanized. Today, galvanized pipes are widely preferred due to their superior resistance to precipitation.


Features of Lavi Metal Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes are widely used because they are durable and prevent rust. In addition, the low costs of these products increase their preference rates. Galvanized pipe products are preferred in the construction industry because they do not cause corrosion and calcification in areas where pipes are needed.