Facade and Roof Systems

What is Metal Clamp and Metal Clamp Roof?

Metal Clamp Roofing System is the safest and most durable roofing system. However, the choice of metal to be used in the project and the correct application method are just as important. Therefore, metal seam roofing does not mean anything by itself. There are factors that complement each other.

What is Metal Clamp Roof?

Metals (titanium zinc, colored aluminum, colored steel, copper, stainless steel) are formed from rolls with a roof clamping machine and produced in the recommended length on site. It is attached to the roof substructure with Stainless Steel Concealed clips. It is assembled by clamping the edges with a roof clamping robot or roof clamping kits.

Sandwich Panel Roofs

They can be easily applied in prefabricated, reinforced concrete, steel and wooden constructions. Industrial buildings, military buildings, social buildings, prefabricated buildings, agricultural buildings, sports facilities, swimming pools, construction site buildings, silos, hypermarkets, shopping centers, airport buildings, etc. They are used in roof coatings of projects such as

Ready-made sandwich panels, which can solve the heat and water insulation of the roofs in the fastest way, are generally suitable for large-sized structures where the slope exceeds 7%. Sandwich roof panels can be produced with polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, rock wool or glass wool insulation.

Sandwich Panel Facades

It is a building material that can be applied in all structures with steel, wood or reinforced concrete construction. While the sandwich panel does not limit the building volume or the height of the building, the limit values are determined according to the load-bearing construction. The connection details cover the points that connect from panel to panel and from panel to carrier construction. Facade panels can be combined tightly, fulfilling their insulation function. In addition, the panels used on the facade are produced with concealed screws, so aesthetic appearances are obtained without seeing any screws.