3. Quality Metal Products

Steel Tower Constructions

The company that is preferred in steel construction tower constructions owes its identity to the occupational safety products it produces and to having an experienced team that can work in high constructions. We meet the high occupational safety requirement of project applications in high-rise construction with our experienced assembly teams that can produce work at any height with the technologies and safety training we have.

We are ready to be your solution point in domestic and international projects with our infrastructure and engineering knowledge that can meet the needs of every high-altitude project from a single point.

Pipe Profile

As Lavi Metal, we are proud to produce sustainable solutions to your problems by providing fast, qualified and safe service to our buyers at every point where iron and steel is used in our country. Bringing end users and manufacturers together quickly through our global resources and providing fast, reliable and economical services from start to finish is our basic principle in return for our buyers.

NPI - NPU - HEB - HEA Structural Steels

HEA Steel Profile
HEB Irons
NPI Irons

This product, which is obtained by special processing of steel, is also called industrial iron. Since its dimensions can be designed according to the project, it offers a wide range of use to manufacturers. It helps to increase the strength of the system in which it is used and to extend its life. They are also very resistant to external factors. That is why their use is so common in daily life. These profiles are qualitatively of the highest quality.

Facade and Roof Systems

What is Metal Clamp and Metal Clamp Roof?
What is Metal Clamp Roof?
Sandwich Panel Roofs
Sandwich Panel Facades

It is a building material that can be applied in all structures with steel, wood or reinforced concrete construction. While the sandwich panel does not limit the building volume or the height of the building, the limit values are determined according to the load-bearing construction. The connection details cover the points that connect from panel to panel and from panel to carrier construction. Facade panels can be combined tightly, fulfilling their insulation function. In addition, the panels used on the facade are produced with concealed screws, so aesthetic appearances are obtained without seeing any screws.